The startup Fly Over Innovations was launched in 2013 and is intended to solve the problem of consumer streaming. The developer company’s main focus was on releasing a hardware product that helps broadcast video or audio onto target devices. The startup attracted more than $500 thousand of investment through crowdfunding and was recognized by its target audience in a matter of days, earning more than $5 million in seven years.

The production, setup, and connection of A/V devices and accessories are the company’s main profile. Working in collaboration with Blumoo, the developer implements a whole range of additional features:

  • Mobile App.
  • Streaming services.
  • Controls for home stereo systems.
  • Support for Android, iOS, and Windows.
  • Hardware processing of digital files.

The result is a versatile, modern remote control that takes video and audio processing to a new level. With its help, users can turn their home gadgets into full-fledged cinemas. This is possible thanks to:

  • flexible input/output channel adjustment,
  • manual adjustment of frequencies,
  • creation of acoustic and video filters,
  • subwoofer cut adjustment,
  • setting file processing parameters.

The app allows you to edit the parameters of the source files in detail: set custom values, adjust channels, mix tracks, and control processing algorithms.

For Whom the Fly Over Innovations Solution Is Valuable

The product is aimed at the consumer segment, although it can also be used by OEMs or streaming/multimedia service providers. The value of the solution lies in its versatility. A complete set of customizable hardware and hardware management software is provided, which can be used for various tasks. For example:

  • training,
  • entertainment,
  • work,
  • streaming content,
  • installation as a translator of advertising creatives.

Fly Over Innovations software and products belong to the live streaming app development field because you can use them to create fully customizable solutions.

Benefits of Fly Over Innovations

The main advantage of the project is its openness. The OSS platform was used for software development and support. Cloudflare, Cloudflare DNS, and SQLite technologies were used as the basis, ensuring maximum flexibility and performance of the IT solution.

All of these factors combine to provide tremendous scope for developing innovative multimedia management programs and hardware. You can use the solution to create advanced apps, control systems, converters, and anything else that can be used when working with digital music or video files.

Fly Over Innovations products are suitable for home or corporate and commercial use in cinemas, entertainment centers, and cafes. The specifics of the solutions allow you to configure each component of the system individually, thereby expanding the scope of their use.

All this makes the Fly Over Innovations project really in demand on the market. With its help, it is possible to create home multimedia servers, deploy streaming services, and even sell licensed content as a distributor. That’s why investing in Fly Over Innovations is the best choice for those who want to launch their own multimedia business.

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